the entire british empire was built on cups of tea

So, I’m English. That means I have a natural affinity with tea. I drink lots of it. I have tea delivered from England, because it’s twice the strength of Israeli tea. I’ll be honest, I prefer a good cup of coffee. But those are hard to come by, and usually cost money. So I will continue to make do with what I have. Plus, I feel like it’s part of my heritage.

I also love infographics. I am a sucker for an infographic. I can’t help it. It combines two of my favourite things – imagery and information. A way you can learn by just looking at a webpage? Bring it on! It’s actually at the stage where its not entirely normal. I see the word “infographic” and bam! Just like that I click. It’s automatic. It’s involuntary.

I have learnt quite a lot of useless information from this habit. For example, the average farmer is a 57 year old man, whereas the average Farmville player is a 43 year old woman. And the highest ever blood alcohol content that was recorded from someone who survived was 0.914%. Those are facts that you never would have known if it weren’t for infographics.This one about a 37 minute bus ride in Singapore is probably some of the most useless information (for me anyway) that I have ever perused, but its also one of my favourite infographics just because… well… I’m going to sound like a girl, but its just so pretty!

So when I came across this one I was in my element (please click on the image for a link to the original post). Tea? Coffee? Pretty pictures? All in the same place?! Wowee. Ok, I wasn’t actually that excited – but still, it’s kinda cool. Anyway, it turns out that black tea actually isn’t as ok for you as I thought. It might not be as bad for you as coffee is… but it’s still not exactly healthy. So now I’m wondering if the five cups I drink a day on average might not be the best idea after all.

While we’re on the subject of infographics, this one made me giggle. Enjoy!


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